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Lakshik Perera

Lakshik Perera, or “Lucky” as known among more intimate circles, is a Dubai-based photographer. Lakshik began his journey as a teenager when he acquired his first digital point-and-shoot camera and quickly realised this was the artistic outlet he needed. Which persuaded him to start a career expanding over 6+ years
Entirely self-taught, Lakshik has honed his skill by studying the works of professional photographers. He sees a photograph and deconstructs it to its elements, gaining an understanding of how each piece fits.
Artists from every realm inspire him – from musicians to painters and sculptors. He always sees their work as an inspiration to better himself, and to spark a new idea, a new way to look at things. What begins as an idea, oftentimes too abstract for words, meticulously gets formulated into what the final framed image should look like.
This collection of Lakshik’s work is a window offering a glimpse into his mind, that you may take a moment to view, appreciate and connect with him.